What You Get

Trust Document Package

Since each client will have individual and sometimes unique needs, Trust Packages can be tailored for that individual client. A typical Trust Document Package for a married couple will include the evaluation and assessment for the overall Estate Plan, and Drafting and Executing the following Trust Documents.

Trust Documents:

  • The Trust Agreement
  • A Certification of Trust
  • Pour over Wills
  • Power of Attorneys for both medical care and financial affairs for each spouse
  • Nomination of Guardian for any minor children
  • A Quitclaim deed to fund the Trust with the residence property

Fees for other Services

Single person's trust starts at $1,200

Marital trust starts at $1,700

Fees for other services such as Trust Amendments are billed at an hourly rate of $275. 
The California Probate Code determines fees for Probate proceedings.


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